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Industrial Custom Fabricated Metal EnclosureIndustrial Racklift

Metal enclosures have a large variety of applications in industrial environments. Over the years we have been exposed to a significant number of intricate products and demanding customers. Our historical performance is inseparably linked to such challenges, and we have always drawn inspiration and motivation from our association with large OEMs in this segment.

Finding solutions for our customers, even when products are complex and circumstances complicated, is one of our distinctive strengths. We take a comprehensive approach with any new account, and work diligently to develop a broader understanding of the application requirements, the interaction between our products and the other integrated components, as well as theexpectations of the operating personnel and/or end user. From that, we derive and validate with the customer the “critical to quality” features, and ultimately define the acceptance criteria.

The series of functional enclosures produced for this class of accounts are testimony to the value of our methodology, mainly when quantities per release are small, the specifications are tight, and the accuracy of execution is essential to the successful deployment of the program. The customers entrusting Nelson with their most challenging products do so because they find in our people, processes and systems the embodiment of the ideal organizational environment, where professionalism translates into superior value and the quality of service is uncompromised

The project shown here removes the numerous risks associated with the traditional moving of IT hardware. The RackLift addresses both safety and costs by making the handling of heavy IT equipment seem like child’s play. behind this revolutionary product is the reinforced steel, balanced weight distribution and Nelson’s state-of-the art ERP software that ensured all functional areas within the company were fully integrated.